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Feb 27, 2021 - Mar 28, 2021

Set Your Track - A 30-Day Challenge

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Welcome to Set Your Track! We're excited to support you in moving forward in whatever area of your life you've chosen to focus on for these 30 days. Thank you for being part of this exciting experiment which blends personal coaching and artistic expression! We are very much looking forward to co-creating with you. Our hope is that the visceral expression and insight that art brings --combined with structured coaching will propel you forward powerfully, leveraging the unique qualities of both modalities. That is to be seen! But either way, it will be an opportunity for self-expression, connection, support, deep self exploration and personal transformation. All you have to do is lean in, do the work, and enjoy the ride. About the Program: Its - A personalized 30-day challenge to take you to a new level in one aspect of your life. - A group coaching program with 4-6 people from all over the world walking this journey together, to share with-, learn from-, and support each other. Structure: - A once-weekly 2-hour Zoom call that blends group coaching and art. - Three one-on-one one-hour coaching sessions according to your availability, one at the beginning to help you get really clear on what you want to create, one in the middle to take stock of your learning and to check your progress, and one at the end to consolidate your learning and set the stage for your continued upward trajectory - A daily 20-minute commitment to work on your goal through art, journaling, and action.

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Set Your Track - A 30-Day Challenge

Set Your Track - A 30-Day Challenge

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