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Updated: May 11, 2020

I've had the experience of losing myself by living small, and then travelling that winding road back to who I am, what I have to give, and what I want. Along the way, I've felt listless, disconnected, and foggy on my particular destination. I've felt the highs and lows, and had false starts, sometimes wondering where, how, and even 'whether' I'll find my grounding-, my fire again.

My current hypothesis is that what it takes to reconnect is simple attention and effort. To be clear, I've said 'simple', not 'easy'. But that effort need not be perfect. It simply needs to 'be' and to continue to be revived after it's paused, delayed, beaten back, or sidelined.

As I write these words, the imagery that flashes across my mind is that of a fly hurling itself at a window relentlessly trying to find its way into the light. That's what the effort looks like. It's grit. It may take gentler or more graceful forms, but in its essence its the same. It's that willingness to regroup again and again after each setback, that getting smashed against the window and going back in again and again, until you find the opening.

For me, it was dusting myself off and getting back up, maybe five, maybe ten, maybe 100 times, even if it was unclear what the dawn looked like and when the dawn would come. The beauty is that, not only do we all have the capacity to summon that 'one more time', each time we rise again, it equips us to shine even brighter at the next phase.

How can we re-engage after each fall. Sometimes we need to hold up a clear compelling goal to keep us going. Sometimes we need to take out our machete and clear the brush. And sometimes, we need to raise our lamps to find our way so we can get back on path.

I'm here to help you raise your lamp to regroup regardless of what's holding you back. Bring all of yourself - your fears, your failures, your known and undiscovered talents, your insecurities, and your dreams. Let's talk about how you will rise again to find the open space into the light.

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